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Historical Jewett
          Antonio Scilipoti (1884-1967) Collection Added January 2012
          Tom Hitchcock Collection
          Clara Goslee Thompson Collection
          Alvena Hitchcock Collection
          Gerry Loucks Collection
          Glenn & Betty Hapeman Collection
          Wright Rumbough Collection

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Present Day Jewett Photos

East Jewett United Methodist Church

St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church

Jewett Presbyterian Church

Jewett Fire Dept.

East Jewett Fire Dept.

Jewett Post Office 12444

East Jewett Post Office 12424


Colgate Lake
Colgate Lake Dam

Colgate Lake Dam Project

Clogate Dam June 08
Colgate Lake Dam Project, June 08

Clogate Dam from the road
Colgate Lake Dam Project, June 08


Mt Shadow Bridge 08
Completed Shadow Mtn. Bridge

Shadow Mtn. Bridge Project
Shadow Mtn. Bridge Project

New Black Top - Boy Scout Road

Senior Citizen Dining Hall Upgrades

Senior Center

Senior Center


Senior Center

Historical Jewett Photos / Postcards

Clara Goslee Thompson Collection

View of CR17 looking north from
Rice St.

Jewett Heights House-Chase House
Building burned

Bailey's Store & Alleys-next to the Jewett
Heights House

Bailey's Store & Alleys-next to the Jewett
Heights House

Northeast corner of CT17 & Goshen St.

Howard Goslee & Clara Goslee Thompson

Linn Tractor plowing snow on Goshen St.

Jewett Presbyterian Parsonage on CR17-
now David McGowan residence

Tower Mountain House on Merwin St.

CR 17 looking south approaching intersection
of Goshen and Merwin Streets

Photos courtesy of Clara Goslee Thompson

The Tom Hitchcock Collection

East Jewett Valley
The East Jewett Valley looking East

The Eastkill
The Eastkill-Farber Farm Bridge

East Jewett Methodist
East Jewett Methodist Church

Jewett Heights House
Jewett Heights House
Rt. 17 & Goshen St.

North from 23C
Looking North From 23C to
Maplecrest Road (county Rt 40)

Northern District Schoolhouse
East of Losee Rd. 1850-1926?

South from 23C
Looking South across 23C

High Peaks
Looking North from Scribner Hollow Rd.
at Blackhead,Blackdome & Thomas Cole

Photos courtesy of Tom Hitchcock
Alvena Hitchcock Collection

Charles & Clara Beach family-current Faber Farm

Bridge at Slater Farm-current Farber Farm

Old building on Farber Farm

Mapleside Dairy Farm-currently Farber Farm

Slater Fram house - burned - west of current Farber Farm

Slater Farm barn - west of current Farber Farm - no longer there

Another view of the Slater Farm barn

Van Loan House - Round Hill Road
no longer there

Van Loan barn - Round Hill Road
no longer there

YMCA - located north of present E.J. fire department-
current location of Jeff & Cindy Loucks' home

1976 Jewett Town Officials
Back ; William Mead,Highway Supt.,George Howard,
Town Justice; John Sandusky, Councilman: Bruce
Maben, Town Justice,; Vincent Monteleone, Bldg.
Inspector. Front: Mabel Merwin, Town Clerk: William
Maben, Supervisor. Absent Lewis Beers, Councilman.

Bridge into Maplecrest

View of Maplecrest from Round Hill

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Gerry Loucks Collection

Griffin House - Became Colgate House around 1915
Demolished by NYS around 1980

Will & Libby Slater House - Last house in the "Spruce Woods"(Colgate Lake area) at the head of the valley, around 1890

Boat House - built by Gilbert Colgate at the east end of upper lake (now Camp Harriman). No longer there.

Former Jewett Town House, site of current Municipal Building

Ephraim Lord homestead - demolished around 1904. He built the Brandt house and sold it Gilbert Colgate about 1910.

View of the two Colgate Lakes

The Red Rambler - original Colgate family house. About half way up Parker Mountain Road (Rt. 23C) 1928.

Parker Mountain (Rt.23C) near Red Rambler (seen on left center 1928

Gilbert Benjamin's 1926 Sanford loaded with Christmas trees destined for NYC

Cars in front of Herb Edson's store. Colgate Road to the left.

Interesting picture - no information known

View of present Farber Farm from Losee Road
Very deep snow

Plowing snow on Colgate Road with Linn Tractor. Jabar Barnum in center.

Plowing Colgate Road - a lot of snow

Colgate House (far right background) and tenent house this side of Arnold Brook. Near current parking area for Colgate Lake

Colgate Road. Edna Benjamin (mother of Francis "Skip" Benjamin) on snow bank. Church in background presently private home.

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Glenn & Betty Hapeman Collection

Jewett Postcard 1906

The Peck Farm House

The Mt. Side House

The Maples

Kurau Cottage

The Blue Willow Rt. 17 & Goshen

Looking South on Rt. 17 in Jewett

Jewett Heights and the Church Building

House at Jewett Center, east of Rt17 on 23A

Bird's eye view of Jewett from Kern's Nursery

Baldwin Cottage, presently Maben

23C looking west - Harrison Soule Farm

Jewett Center Bridge

Presbyterian Church - Jewett Heights

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Wright Rumbough Collection

Playhouse at Red Rambler, East
Jewett (Parker Mountain)

Red Rambler

Red Rambler

Red Rambler

Bear Hunting

Bear Hunting

Bear Hunting

Colgate Lake Dam

Colgate Dam repair around 1956-57

Upper Dam

Ice Sailing

Ice Boating

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"History of the Town of Jewett" a book written by Town Historian
Elwood Hitchcock in 1976 is available in the Town Clerk's office
at a cost of $3.00


Town of Jewett, New York